Taco Klem has been a surgeon in the Franciscus Gasthuis hospital since 2008. In addition, Klem has been a surgical trainer with a focus on breast cancer surgery at this hospital since 2014. He obtained a doctorate on the subject of venous cryo surgery of the leg in 2011. This research shows his interest in innovative treatments that are minimally invasive. Moreover, Klem has published multiple scientific papers concerning breast cancer surgery and he is the founder of Stichting Mammaopleiding.

Gerson Struik got his medicine degree at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2012. In the first years of his career he worked at the surgical unit of the Franciscus Gasthuis hospital. He soon started taking part in scientific research regarding breast cancer surgery. Today, Struik is a medical researcher on the subject of innovation within breast cancer treatment.

Medical researcher Gerson Struik and surgeon Taco Klem, source: BOR Foundation.